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A registered 501c3 nonprofit, we believe in nurturing a safe environment in which we can all grow, express, and create meaningful theatrical work together.

All In Ensemble

All In Ensemble is a registered nonprofit with 501c3 status. We are a new community of actors, artists and designers who want to work and play together over the long term, to develop and produce theatre that’s fresh, vibrant, and diverse.

Currently based in Evergreen Colorado, we aim to stage performances and offer theatre training in and around Denver, as well as in our beautiful foothills.

Our vision is to offer all kinds of creative classes, workshops, and intensives around theatre-related skills — such as acting, improv, exploring specific genres, dialect work, auditioning, set design, light rigging, mask work, puppetry, and writing and devising new work for the stage.

We’ll also be creating a range of performance opportunities for new and aspiring actors to grow their experience, as well as provide space for more seasoned actors and artists to develop new work and revitalize classical pieces.

All In Ensemble understands the deep value of diverse experience, perspectives and input, and looks to amplify the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and differently abled people. As an community, we strive to be an ally to marginalized people, by nurturing a safe environment in which we can all grow, express and create meaningful theatrical work together.

Our Mission

Our name, All In Ensemble, reflects our core beliefs and values: that anyone interested in pursuing the dramatic arts should have a safe space to do so; and that the performing arts can provide a unique vehicle to amplify the voices and opportunities for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, persons of different abilities, and marginalized groups.

In support of our core beliefs and values, All In Ensemble’s mission is to build a diverse community of artists and audiences to provide theatrical training, performance opportunities, and greater exposure to different voices through the performing arts. We will form a diverse and inclusive ensemble and select varying works to create a safe place for our students and performers to play, learn, and thrive together. Through collaboration and advocacy, All In Ensemble will use the performing arts to create a platform for learning and help promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the foothills of Metro Denver.

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