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A registered 501c3 nonprofit, we believe in nurturing a safe environment in which we can all grow, express, and create meaningful theatrical work together.

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Sagittarius Ponderosa

June 30, 2023 – July 16, 2023

Roaming Gnome Theatre

Set under the protective branches of a matriarchal pine, the play is a delicate, dreamy, down-to-earth story about identity, family, the power of naming, and our cyclical need for decay and new growth.

Archer (still Angela to his family) doesn’t want to move back to his childhood home in eastern Oregon when his father falls ill — because coming into his true self could mean cutting the roots that sustain him. But at night, under the oldest, wisest ponderosa, he meets a stranger who knows the history of the forests and the sadness of losing endangered things. As the year wheels around, ghosts walk, masks fall, and families re-form, in this beautiful, magically realistic tale.

Meet The Cast

Gabi Glidewell (they/them)

Gabi Glidewell (Archer) is a nonbinary Jewish artist, and Libra, from Oklahoma. After getting their BFA in Theatre, Gabi moved to Florida to make magic at Walt Disney World. While in Orlando Gabi had the opportunity to direct the regional premiere of Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical. Gabi and their fiancé, Emogene, moved to Denver in March of this year and this is their first production in Colorado. Gabi would like to thank All In Ensemble for creating such a beautiful show and giving them the opportunity to bring Archer to life. Gabi would also like to thank Emogene, their friends, and their family for all of the support throughout this process. You can find Gabi on all social media @GabiGlidePoet.

Clint Heyn (he/him)

Clint Heyn (Pops) is thrilled to be acting for All In Ensemble for the first time! A graduate of (the late) Loretto Heights College, Clint has been an actor/director in Colorado for more than two score! A vagabond by nature, Clint has found an artistic home with more than 25 companies across the front range. Favorite roles include Dasher in The Eight: Reindeer Monologues, Selsdon in Noises Off, Hastings in Black Coffee, File in The Rainmaker, Howard Fishbein (Bum) in The Sorrows of Stephen, Jonathan Brewster in Arsenic & Old Lace and a staggering 6 productions playing Stanley Gardener in Run For Your Wife and it’s sequel Caught In The Net. Shout out to this tremendously inclusive company and to you, the live theatre audience! You make it both possible and rewarding!

Casey Johnston (he/him)

Casey (Owen) is a 20-year-old actor that has been performing on stage since he was two. Since then, it has quickly spiraled out of control, with him now pursuing two degrees in Theatre and Digital Marketing. Outside of school, he has been a part of numerous projects, including being the voice of several advertisements for the Community College of Aurora. In his free time, you can find Casey studying Japanese, reading a fantasy novel, playing video games, or otherwise consuming some other piece of media he is hyper fixated on at that moment.

Lisa Deutsch (she/her)

Lisa (Mom) is proud to be part of this family. It’s nice to be able to throw the ball without bouncing it first. An over four decade resident of Evergreen, Lisa raised two children as a single mom and lives with her two cats. She studied Theatre at Kent State University and Dance at Ohio State University. She has choreographed, directed, acted, and just about everything else Theatre for as long as she can remember.

Kathi Baerns (she/her)

Kathi (Grandma) is a local actor/director who has done live theatre, films, television and commercials for more decades than she cares to admit. She also spent more than 25 years on the radio as a music dj and talk show host and producer. Besides being an artist, she most enjoys spending time with her 7 grandchildren.


Peterson enjoys long walks on the beach and falling into doorways.

Meet The Production Team

Tal Arnold (he/him) – Director, Artistic Director and Founder of All In Ensemble
Luke Colaciello (he/him) – Stage Manager
Gin Walker (she/her) – Asst. Director
Terrence Dalton (he/him) – Lighting Designer
Amber Berger (she/her) – Dramaturg
Mickey Arnold (she/her) – Costume Designer
Luis Consuegra (he/him) – Set Designer
Lid Baum (they/them) – Props Manager
Brad McGrew (he/him) – Set Builder
Dick Arnold (he/him) – Set Builder
Yuewin Spry (he/him) – Set Builder